Historvius is a community-based historic destinations directory run by history enthusiasts who are passionate about the web.
The site grew from a desire to make historic sites more accessible to those planning a trip. We have designed Historvius to give a smooth and simple user experience that will allow people to find historic sites near their chosen holiday destination, or to assist them with planning a bespoke tour based around the particular period of history they love.

The Big, the Small, and Everything In-Between
Everyone knows that if you go to Rome you can visit The Colosseum, it’s hard to miss. But how many know that Ostia Antica, just a short journey from Rome by train, contains the stunning ruins of the Eternal City’s ancient port? Or that Hadrian’s Villa is just outside town?
Here at Historvius we’re trying to restore the balance by showing users the most well-known historic sites alongside the incredible historic locations that have found themselves falling by the wayside. We want to show our users everything we can and let them decide which sites are worth a visit and which can wait for another day.

Mapping History
By providing an easy to access map-based directory of historic sites and destinations, we hope to make it simple, easy and quick to locate historic sites around the world and plan a trip to see them. We aim to eliminate the need to jump from one website to another in order to discover historic sites and find out whether they are near to a particular town, city or holiday resort.

All Key Information on a Single Website
Historvius aims to provide users with all the key information they need in one place. Therefore we not only provide a map-location and summary of each site, but also the relevant contact details, directions and entry information. Historvius gives people everything they need to plan their visits to historic sites under one roof, eliminating the need to visit twenty different websites in order to actively plan a trip.

An Online Community
As a community-based site, we allow any user to submit a site to our directory. So whether a site is a well known national treasure or an oft-forgotten hidden gem, they all have a place on Historvius. Users can browse and comment on all our sites, upload their photos and flag up any additional information which they feel may help other people when visiting that site.

Complete Flexibility
Whether for the general holiday maker, who wants to find interesting places to visit near their chosen resort, the casual traveller, who is planning on the fly, or the history enthusiast passionate about a single time period or historic figure, we hope Historvius can help them all.
Our flexible search function allows people to search our database of historic sites by exploring the map, selecting a town or holiday resort, choosing an historic period or selecting a particular figure from history. And of course users can easily filter search results to further drill-down to their exact requirements.

Historvius is an entirely independent website and has no external funding.

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