FatCap is the ultimate graffiti and street-art resource, sharing our passion since 1998. Let's go back in time.

Founded at a time when digital cameras didn't even exist, FatCap is an old-time player. At the beginning, it was a simple photo gallery web-page where we posted the pictures we had taken while we were skipping school (sorry, ma). Later, in 2001, it became an interactive portal where artists could have their own page, at a time when neither the blogs nor MySpace and Facebook existed. Since then, it kept growing and gathering a strong and faithful community.

Later in 2007, after we made great additions to the team, we decided to get global and cover the international graffiti on a brand new blog. At the same time we were launching that blog, we started a crazy project, that became, after months of conception, and even more months of development, the website you're surfing on. The purpose has always been the same since the beginning: provide a top-notch yet simple product, to give an exhaustive snapshot of the street-art culture all over the world.

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