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Google PlusFeed
Unofficial Google+ User Feeds

Want a feed for your Google+ posts?

Simply add a Google+ user number to the end of this site's URL to get an Atom feed of public posts.


For those who prefer using feed readers to streamline their online consumption, you can now follow individual Google+ user streams via RSS feeds using a webapp called, simply, Google Plus Feed.

The first step is to find the profile ID of the user you want to follow via RSS. To do so, pull up any user's profile on Google+; the long number at the end of the URL is the profile ID. For example, the URL for my Google+ profile is 105035903218108704556 is my profile ID.

Plug in that profile ID at the end of—so the RSS feed of my profile would be Add that into Google Reader or another feed reader to stay updated with that user's public stream.


You can grab the source for this app on GitHub here.

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