The Women of Google+

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The Women of Google+
I started to collect a Google+ circle of women-only (aptly named ‘Women of G+’) and the idea of connecting with early adopter women in a new social networking platform is growing larger in my mind by the minute. I find it stimulating and refreshing to have a list of highly intelligent women on G+ to read every morning over coffee. Thanks for letting me take a peek into your brilliant minds.

I’m also posting my thoughts and experience on Google+ as well as information and articles I find in my journey. Anyone that isn’t in Google+ right now might find benefit from this site as well. Right now I’m not exactly sure what this site will morph into – but I know that it will be interesting, fun, enlightening and exciting.

One thing I’d like to be clear on right from the beginning is that this is not a Women vs. Men thing. It’s a way – my way, / your way – to give ourselves permission as women to toot our own horn and value each other’s contributions. I don’t intend this to be sexist or elitist, but something more like what evolves when smart women get together over drinks and dessert. Brilliant ideas and rock-solid friendships – that’s what. Glad to have you on the ride with me.

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