all about Steve Jobs

all about Steve Jobs
biography, pictures, movies, life and work of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

all about Steve is Romain Moisescot's personal website about Steve Jobs. It is not officially affiliated with Apple Inc., the Walt Disney Company, or the Jobs family in any way. It is just the private website of an individual about his personal hero.

Opened on February 24, 2006 — his webmaster's 19th birthday and Steve Jobs' 51st birthday — all about Steve, originally known as all about Steve, has now become one of the Web's best-documented resource on the Apple and Pixar co-founder.

The website's first fame came from one of its original videos, Boom!, whose popularity went viral (including a mention on Daring Fireball) and has now been watched over 750,000 times. However, all about Steve's rich collection of pictures, videos, and text (including its much-copied Steve Jobs biography) has made its popularity enduring. The website has been mentioned or quoted in many widely popular websites from the Apple/high tech online community, such as TUAW, Gizmodo and LifeHacker, the Apple 2.0 blog on Fortune, Engadget, Mashable famous foreign websites (100shiki, Applesfera, MacGénération)... and even Fake Steve!

all about Steve has also been featured in traditional media: either profiled (in the San Jose Mercury News, Univers Mac (No. 171, May 2006) and a German TV show) or used as a source (including CBS's 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel,, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg TV and 1Live).

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