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Marco Simoncelli

Diobo’ What noise you have done!

Hi…my name is Kate and I’m or rather I was Marco’s girlfriend. Until 13 days ago it was me who cared about the website and the fanpage on facebook, helped by Retina group.
Marco was becoming more and more affascinated by the worldwide most famous social network, just like everyone of us….he enjoyed so much reading your comments after the publication of any posts, photos or race reports..and he used to spend lot of time studying the trend of the fan page numbers.
He was so glad after a race weekend, when he realized that the number of “I like” had increased. I remember that on saturday before sepang he said: “I have to win! It’s the only way to increase the number of my fans “…well, he was wrong….we were 8000 on that saturday afternoon ..we are more than 500.000 today.
So many of You wrote to me and to his family by hand, e-mail, facebook and more the beginning. I didn’t trust in such words as: “your pain is also our pain”, I thought those were only formal words, suited to the occasion…you went on writing and calling home instead, hundreds of you came to Coriano to take our hands, to embrace us, to whisper us your feelings, you cried with us…your fondness helped us not to feel lonely.
I’ve been quite surprised to realize that the world is beautiful and that solidarity among people is still existing…well, me and Marco’s family cannot really do other than thank you so much for all this.
This morning, Ricky, Marco’s close friend and cousin, wrote me some very beautiful words: “ I learnt a precious lesson from Marco’s loss: NEVER GIVE UP, even if things become difficult, fight for your goal, even if it were the last thing you do” no other words have been so right, don’t give up guys, in spite of everything…life is beautiful !!!
I could spend many hours writing you some of the touching words I read in these days..but not all of them made me feel better..the following of henry holland did instead…we appreciated it so much because they keep alive the hope that the soul can survive to death.

DEATH IS NOTHING Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that, we still are. Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without effect. Without the trace of a shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same that it ever was. There is absolute unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you. For an interval. Somewhere. Very near. Just around the corner. All is well.

Henry Scott Holland

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