This is a visual and semantic image search system finding images on fotolia.

PicsLikeThat was developed by René Corinth, David Crome, Leonhard Palm, Natalia Ukhanova and Patrick Wieczorek during a student project at HTW Berlin (University of Applied Science).

Algorithms for visual sorting, image search, and supervision by Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Barthel.

PicsLikeThat is the result of a cooperation between the HTW Berlin, pixolution and fotolia. PicsLikeThat uses images from fotolia delivered by the fotolia API. Minor Parts of PicsLikeThat are based on the past pixolu project.

Due to its beta status PicsLikeThat might sometimes be slow or still have bugs. Please let us know of any problems you encounter. Please send errors and comments to:
feedback (at)

Please observe all images picsLikeThat finds are subject to copyright by fotolia.

Disclaimer: This demo uses the fotolia API but is not certified by fotolia.

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